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Uniface Lectures Webinar Series

We are about to launch a new webinar series initiative to help share Uniface technical knowledge called the Uniface Lectures.

Once a month there will be an evening session held here at our office in Amsterdam on a particular topic.  Using the latest version of Uniface we will be showing functionality, tips and tricks with the goal of sharing technical knowledge.

Now obviously this is only useful for customers who are able to get here to attend, so we will also repeat the sessions as online webinars, and finally they will be recorded and posted on YouTube. Different Uniface technical experts will be delivering the webinars and we'll be doing about one per month making sure to cover both East and West time zones.

At this time,  we have the following topics planned. 

  • February – Modernization
  • March – Deployment 
  • April – JavaScript Integration
  • May – Mobile 
  • June – Integration using REST 

We’ll probably take a break for the summer period, but we then intend to restart the sessions in the fall timeframe with new topics. 

We would be interested in ideas of topics to cover, please add suggestions and ideas below in the comments.  What would you like to see covered? What do you want to learn more about?

Further details, and how to register for the Lectures can be found here.

Uniface Lectures


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  2. just watched the Modernization Lecture given by Arjen. Cant't wait for the opening of the "Deployment" registration Great Demo; thanks a lot from Frankfurt/Germany, Uli P.S. In the meantime I found out that one can still test directly from the shortcut. Think it's just about Arjen has not used shortcuts before, so he didn't know about this fast way (compared to open the component and start test from the pulldown menu after ist's loaded)
  3. In the webcast, my question about the shortcuts included that shortcuts are no longer "per-user-based" (show only ones for the actual $user). Adrian mentioned that he has to check this. To save "Amsterdam" time:
  4. Hi Uli, Thanks for your positive feedback, always nice to have! And you're right; I haven't been a regular user of shortcuts in Uniface 9.6 and previous versions at all, so I did not know test could be done directly form shortcuts by using right mouse click. I'm really starting to like the new way of using shortcuts in 9.7 and am using them regurlarly already. Regards, Arjen
  5. In the "good old days" I cultivated grouping of shortcuts using drag&drop to visualise patterns. And I used the fact that only shortcuts for the actual $user are displayed as well: In my german usergroup presentation I started with $user=presentation where only the demo shortcuts were ready for a right-mouse test. Using "Setup" to change $user to test_development, open a form and cacel immeddiately showed a total other group of shortcuts for hands-on explanation how2do it
  6. A fix for issue 31145 is included in the G102 patch for Uniface 9.7.01 and will be included in Uniface 9.7.02.