Author: Michel van den Berg, Uniface Software Architect

Deploying your Uniface applications with standard deployment is a methodology that can perhaps make your life easier. With the classic style of deployment, rolling out your application is not always that straight forward. The following graphic shows this, .dol and .urr files are shared over the components, making it difficult to structure.

Classic Style

With Uniface Standard Deployment, the runtime environment will be different, all objects are delivered in single or a small set of  archives.  This of course brings many benefits, such as easier application distribution, updates and partitioning. No more .dol’s or .urr’s files getting mixed together over applications.


To help you get started with using Standard Deployment for your Uniface applications, join this online seminar that will show you the overview of the functionality so you can learn how to move from classic to standardized deployment style. 

Registration is open, hope to see you there on January 7th.


  1. Will these sessions be recorded and available for later viewing?
  2. Yes, there will be a recorded version available. We will post it soon after the live session.
  3. This presentation looks very promising, and I would love to attend it, but it will be impossible for mee too to attend tomorrow. I'm glad to hear it is going to be recorded. I really want to watch it later. ==> Where exactly will it be posted? Patrick
  4. Hi Patrick, good to hear. We will post it to our YouTube account, I will post the link in the comments here when it is available and we will also promote via our social media channels.
  5. Hi all--The presentation from yesterday's online seminar is available: The recorded version will be available shortly.