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Hopefully you're all aware of the Uniface application deployment currency survey which we sent out a few weeks ago. After a few weeks, we've had a good number of responses (over 100), and I was asked a few times what the results are looking like, so I thought I'd share some details. From a platform/OS perspective, the top platforms which Uniface customers are using,  are Windows and Linux, which doesn't really surprise me, as this is the feedback I get, based on what I get in regards to requests, tech support calls and so on. They are also the platforms we usually deliver maintenance by default.

Uniface Platforms Currently in use. (Nov 2014)

Uniface Platforms Currently in use. (Nov 2014)

  • And from a database perspective, there were a few surprises. Some are using PostgreSQL, although we've not even start the development of a native driver, it's planned for the new year.
  • ODBC is being used more than I expected.
  • Sybase is being used more than expected.

I expected the majority of Uniface apps to be deployed with Oracle, MS SQL Server and MySQL, which seems to be the case.

Uniface deployment databases currently in use. (Nov 2014)
Uniface deployment databases currently in use. (Nov 2014

Finally, there does seem to be interest in NoSQL databases, which is really interesting, we will be following up on that in the future.

I will share some more at a later date. And if you click on the graphics, they will zoom (a good Uniface term!) and they are more readable!

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  1. Hi! "ODBC is being used more than I expected." Just a quick tought. Does anyone use Uniface MSSQL-driver with anything else than ODBC? Could anyone explain these concepts? Regards RogerW.
  2. I've not seen the survey - can you resend the link?
  3. Whilst the MSS driver is (in effect) ODBC, in that it requires a DSN etc. I think Uniface treat it as a stand alone driver. The ODBC driver is used to power other ODBC compliant databases (for our apps it's used to connect to Sage Line 50 and our legacy database (using Transoft's ODBC converter)).
  4. Our MS SQL Server driver is indeed different and separate from our generic ODBC driver.
  5. Hi, I think many using the MSS-driver, having struggled with the ODBC-connection, have also checked ODBC-datasources as a "precaution". Regards RogerW.