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Last week I had the pleasure of running the very first Uniface 10 Workshop, the first time anyone outside Uniface has got their hands on the new IDE being introduced in Uniface 10.

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Our aim for the session was to trial run the workshop that we’d be using at this year’s user events. Having a large group of customers in the room was also too good an opportunity to miss so we were keen to use the day to get as many first impressions, thoughts and ideas from people as possible. In all we had 22 people from The Netherlands, Belgium, England and Germany representing 11 different companies. This included a number of unscheduled gate crashers making for a very busy classroom! After some scene settings presentations from Adrian Gosbell, Henk van der Veer and Erik Mulder from Ergos ( everyone dived into the workshop exercises, exploring the new IDE whilst building a small Uniface web application. We had plenty of Uniface lab staff on hand to answer questions (thanks guys!) and before long everyone was well on their way. Since Uniface queries were being fielded by a crack team of our own developers I was free to wander around and discuss things with anyone that made eye contact. Of particular interest to me was discussing how the new project concepts in Uniface 10 can aid people’s development processes and release procedures. I love a good release procedure. To wrap things up we split into groups to discuss specific areas of the IDE. Everyone was able to pick an area such as projects, navigation or script editors to go and have a focused discussion on with a chance to put questions and opinions to the Uniface 10 development team directly. I’d like to thank everyone that made the trip to Amsterdam. The feedback around Uniface 10 has already been very positive and invaluable. We certainly have a lot of bed time reading to get through. My main objective for the session was to ensure that the exercises and the workshop environment technically worked and were enjoyable to go through. On this front we've been able to make some tweaks here and there ahead of the user events. So many thanks again to all the willing guinea pigs.

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