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Uniface’s Inaugural Global Distributors and Resellers Conference Entitled - “ABC = Always Be Closing” Uniface is looking forward to its inaugural conference, which brings together its leading distributors and resellers from across the globe in Amsterdam this week. Uniface is pleased to offer the chance to its distributors and resellers to attend the Inaugural Conference, which gives attendees a range of commercial and technical topics, over three intense days of sessions. These are all aimed to give maximum knowledge to key players in our global distributors and resellers’ network along with the opportunity to increase awareness and understanding of our product and services, and develop enhanced partnerships within our partner ecosystem. The event aims to boost our understanding of distributors and resellers’ requirements by providing feedback opportunities on the range of benefits offered. We would like to take this opportunity to welcome this year’s attendees: Acenet Oy, Finland; ACRUX, Mexico; COMPUAMERICA C.A., Venezuela; Freelance Consultant, Italy; Icignus Tecnologia, Brazil; IT IS, The Netherlands; Labinf Sistemi, Italy; ONE1, Israel; Shanghai Yungoal Info Tech Co., Ltd, China; Sogeti, The Netherlands; TaKT, Japan; Techshire, India; Wizrom Software, Romania; XEE Tech – Mobilne Aplikacije d.0.0., Croatia.

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