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Java became known many years ago with the statement “Develop once, Deploy anywhere”. After a while the hardcore 4GL developers liked to taunt the Java community by claiming that this was actually different and should “Develop Once, Debug Anywhere”. They were too kind… A recent research of Bit9 revealed that IT administrators have essentially been lied to for 15 years. They have been told that to protect themselves from the latest security vulnerabilities in Java they should apply updates and apply them frequently. What they didn’t know is that  for many years applying updates to Java left the older versions still present...Hackers are able to use those older versions. “Develop Once, Fail Everywhere…” http://adtmag.com/blogs/watersworks/2013/07/java-security-issues.aspx https://www.bit9.com/resources/research-reports/java-vulnerability-report-write-once-pwn-anywhere/

Java fail

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