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I’ve been quite open about not being a fan of Windows 8.  I’ve mentioned it in previous postings. I’m currently shopping for a new TV, and while I was in the big electronics store close to the office, I had a look at a Windows tablet running Windows 8, the first time I’d really looked at one. I have to say that when I’m using my fingers, and I’m swiping and poking (I have fat fingers!), I can see the value of the tiled interface. But as soon as it’s keyboard and mouse interaction, personally I find it annoying. I see that  there are some whispers in the market place that Microsoft are considering significant changes with the update they are calling Windows ‘blue’ at least as an internal name. There is an overview on the BBC website which caught my eye.  I wonder if this will bring the changes which will make Windows 8 be used more in business that it seems to be. We’re not seeing much traction within the Uniface customer base and curiously not even the US, which is usually the leading market to pick up new technologies.

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