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We wrapped up the judging of the Global Uniface Challenge this week. This  was our cloud based ‘RAD Race’,  and was an fascinating experience, with teams from Japan, India, US, Netherlands, Germany, Italy and the US registering for a 48 hour Uniface marathon. The judging was really interesting, very different application designs and very different ways of presenting.

What it really bought home to me was how differently we all view the important aspects of application development. User experience, productivity, functionality, technical implementation, and so forth.

Really, I knew this, we run an internal RAD Race every year, with the development teams taking part over 24 hours. And I see pretty well the same attributes, but across cultures, different levels of experience and so forth.

Nowadays the whole ‘requirements phase’ of development is more than functionality, it’s also about the UX, and about the delivery of the app to the end user. It is actually something we’ve been doing with the development of Uniface, without really considering it. We develop in an agile way, and the actual functional requirement is only one small part of the big picture.

Congrats to the Unividuals team for winning the Global Uniface Challenge, very professionally handled from beginning to end.

We even made it into the Dutch IT press!

Unividuals Uniface Application
Unividuals Uniface Application

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