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This month we had two Uniface user events in the south of Europe. On Feb 5 the Italian user group gathered in beautiful Vimercate in North Italy and on 26 Feb the Spanish conference was in Madrid (also beautiful :-).


La Villa Gallarati Scotti in Oreno di Vimercate[/caption] I don't know if it was the new stuff in Uniface 9.6 or the beautiful venues and food (sorry reader don't wanna make you jealous) but the atmosphere at both events was very good.


Italian User Group Attending Uniface 9.6 Demo[/caption] The program for both session was pretty similar: Uniface 9.6 What's new and 10 roadmap, Experiences from the field, in Italian and Spanish so I didn't understand them really ;-) and a Uniface 9.6 demo session. There was a bit of a contrast with last year. At both the 2012 events the question came up how is Uniface doing on Mobile? This year I did a Uniface Mobile strategy presentation but now we got the feedback that many customers budgets are so tight that they cannot afford Mobile Devices unless they borrow them for their children.

bored teenagers

Teenager movement nr. 7[/caption] Nowadays kids seem to have better devices then many of us have at the office or on the road... Luckily most teenagers are bored with their devices (Dad, I desperately need the iPhone 6) in six months so we can use theirs after a while. Also HP has just released a 150 Euro Android tablet so mommy or daddy can buy one themselves. This year I'm sure the Mobile revolution continues and next year every Uniface developer will probably own a tablet him or herself so we all will be making nice Android and iOS apps, not games of course!

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