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Last week was the UK User event. We decided to follow the format we've used successfully for most other events over the past few years, where we hold the event across two days, with workshops on the second day. To be honest, I was a little nervous about the event, and if there would be interest. Last year's event wasn't great (it was combined with all products and wasn't in the ideal location). We had also had a couple of webex sessions a few weeks before and I started to wonder if the content would not be of interest. I should also mention (blame!) Iain for scaring me when he was over in the Lab for the workshop. Anyhow, we filled the venue, ate all the food and had awesome feedback about the product and the business! For me, I had some great conversations during breaks, over dinner and so on. Its always good to get out and meet the user community, some of which I've known since I was working in support for Uniface UK. Now we know the format works, we'll certain look at repeating it for next years UK event. Not sure if the venue worked for us, but location wise Coventry is certainly central enough, after all, it is the Midlands! And I should mention the group from Sweden who came over especially to attend the event.

Location of UK User Event: Transport Museum in Coventry

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  1. I was going for cautiously positive. It certainly was a good event, and I look forward to the next one. Iain