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  Sometimes people ask me how it is possible that the Uniface business is doing so very well and – despite an economic crises – is growing… The main reason for this is the Business Unit structure we implemented in April 2009. This new “state of independence” changed a lot for us, especially in the things we focus on: First we’re passionate about real innovation. You can only be credible as a supplier if you can deliver great products that add value to your existing customers’ day to day business. We are listening to what our customers want and make sure these wishes are somehow coming back into the product. Uniface 9.6 is the ultimate proof of this, many people consider this the best and most innovative Uniface version in the last 10 years! Second is customer focus. We do things different now that we’re in the Business Unit setup. Our main thing is nurturing and collaborating with our existing customers and VARs. These are the companies and organizations that depend on us, are very loyal to us and therefore deserve the best service they can get. Therefore there is an enormous focus in our team on user-events, customer-roadshows, workshops and so on, all intended to explain and help our customers how to use Uniface in the best way possible. Or – to take it to the business level – make sure that our customers always get the best ROI out of Uniface. Innovation and customer focus, that’s why we’re doing well. Simple, isn't it?

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