(Original creator: aschetse)

So last weekend we had an internal move in the office. We’re going to align the several different Compuware Business Units which we have in Amsterdam and bring them closer together in the office. This makes sense after being in this office for 4 years... For me this means I have to make a difficult decision: which retro Uniface poster am I going to use in the new room this time? (You have to know that I always have a few relics on my wall, as I am from that age as well) Here are the options. What do you think?


  1. Hi Aad, beeing with uniface since 1993, I voted for the 1989 because of the red "A" not only for nostalgic reasons. This highlight is still is in use in the uniface community, a couple of customers still use the spelling unifAce. And for me as a uniface coder: this poster is most about contents, not eye candy. Best wishes for the move and the next year, Uli
  2. We should make a web gallery of all the old posters we have around the office and at home.
  3. Great Idea, I remember that we had a lot of nice graphical artwork around mid 90's (pre-6 versions).