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  ROFLOL!!! Today we received an amazing Christmas Card from one of our best partners in the Netherlands. It shows their view on “certain” differences between Java and Uniface. We obviously agree and think this is absolutely brilliant. Quote (translated in English): “The period between Christmas and New Year is often used as a buffer to finish off left-over work. Our Uniface customers however recognize this period as an excellent moment to spend more time with family and friends.” Here are the pictures, which as always say more than a thousand words…

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  1. Hi Aad, best wishes to all "the Lab" and the Uniface people for the remaining year and the next one. But hardcore uniface addicts (like me) spend this time to unwrap what "Amsterdam" gave us this year with the new version (same procedure as last year? same procedure as EVERY year!). My first impression: there's a lot of nice littel new stuff in the box (HTML5, for container, ...) but only little explanations or annotated samples. (I really filtered the complete CHM files 9601X101 and 9501E111 for differences)