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  So, I guess this is my first blog written at 30.000 feet... What I love about North America is Gogo Flight, an Internet service which enables you use Wifi while you are traveling by plane. It's so efficient to catch up with business instead of reading in flight magazines. Wish they had this in Europe as well. So I am updating my forecast data which is conveniently stored in the Cloud. Speaking about the Cloud... I am seeing some CEO's of our VARs here this week and there's one interesting thing I am seeing more and more. The decision to deploy Uniface applications in the Cloud is very often not in hands of the IT people anymore. Senior Management really sees Cloud Computing as a interesting way to save costs or - maybe more important - to expand market opportunities. Read more about it in this article on ZDnet.com Greetings from the skies! Aad PS: Please let me know what landmark you think this is...


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