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For the first time in its more than 20 years existence the 2012 Face to Face autumn conference was held at the Compuware office in Amsterdam.  For the attendants the day started very good with an official barista making excellent latte macchiato, espresso etc. so everybody was very

awake for the day. In the technical “potpourri,” which is always the kick off for the event, Dino Seelig made everybody curious for his implementation of a new HR system. Next time we expect a live demo Dino! Edu Kornmann showed his work on a Calendar widget with the famous Uniface Open Widget Interface and Arjen van Vliet on application performance analysis with the TDD tools from Compuware. After the coffee break the presentation from Huddie Klein from Formido was very much appreciated by the audience, first of all because Huddie was able to present without(!) PowerPoint and most important Huddie showed it is possible to calculate the ROI of functional improvements in your application something which many teams have difficulty with but is very important in this economic climate.

This also became very clear in the afternoon session, led by Change Management Expert Norbert Huijzer. During this session arguments were brought up to modernization to an application or not. The most heard argument was that it is difficult to calculate the ROI of modernization. This is definitely a topic which will return in future customer sessions. If you want a report on this session and the arguments used, please contact


Of course the Uniface Team presented the Uniface 9.6 release with presentations and a workshop. Overall the response to Uniface 9.6 by the audience was very positive, like in all other user events these last couple of months. The possibility the build “any” user interface for a Uniface application will certainly be used by many developers in the short term future. The presentation day ended by a sneak preview demo of Uniface 10 by Henk van der Veer from the Uniface development team. The preview always make the audience “hungry” to get their hands-on the new development environment. At the “borrel” afterwards many topics discussed of the day where discussed “in depth” again and the first sessions of the 2013 Spring conference where already planned.

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