w32e116 patch available since 130513

Author: ulrichmerkel@web.de (ulrich-merkel)

... can be downloaded from the frontline ftp://ftp.compuware.com/pub/uniface/patches/9501/W32/ as a service from dITo: patch includes fixes for: E116: BUG 29727: Spawned CHUI application does not receive all keystrokes, when 3GL uses SIGUSR1. E116: BUG 29739: Proc function $displaylength returns value in string instead of numeric. E116: BUG 29844: UPOPMAIL: GETRAWMAIL/GETRAWMAILX crashes when retrieving certain emails E116: BUG 29898: No struct created by assignment of string, if it is returned from an entry E116: BUG 29965: Signature not updated when changing entity into occurrence parameter E116: BUG 29971: Sometimes the application window is not shown at the recorded position E116: BUG 29985: Incorrect label text shown after attaching label to modeled field E116: BUG 30049: Spurious characters in messageframe doing xmltransform on Solaris E116: BUG 30067: Oracle, UTF8, sql/print, multiple lines: Second and next lines corrupt. E116: BUG 30100: Bold text is no longer printed bold when using the P_LP print device table. E116: BUG 30102: Debugger: When Proc entry is set as Watch $status of executed Proc is changed E116: BUG 30133: Cannot modify SOAP signature properties when namespace is too long E116: BUG 30134: Crash in xmlsave when difference in DTD Wizard and Mapping E116: BUG 30149: Flow: BPS may hang when Solicit-Response is not available E116: BUG 30157: Implicit struct creation on assiging $index to an uninitialized struct variable E116: BUG 30159: Assignments to vStruct and to vStruct{1} yield different results E116: BUG 30170: Clearing form might not clear all fields E116: BUG 30171: On UNIX/VMS $TOTOCC returns 100 hits after the UROUTMON GET_CLIENTS operation

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