pssst, feedback option in the 9.5 helpfiles

Author: (ulrich-merkel)

in the uniface 9.5 helpfiles, CPWR has added a "Send feedback about this topic to Compuware."

So whenever you think the help should be enhanced or some example is not clear enough,

just give a very nice lady your ideas, questions, ... and have your share in building a better help.


I had my experiences with $ude export and the question "how to flush an open Export file".

The info was added as part of the E103:

Example: Flushing Export Files

In the following example, all models and components are exported, and lflush is used to complete the transaction and close the file:

vOut = $ude("export", "model", "*", "D:\myexports\myexport.xml", "keepopen=true")
vOut = $ude("export", "component", "*", "D:\myexports\myexport.xml", "keepopen=true;append=true")
lflush "myexport.xml"

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