patch X202 for 9602 is out

Author: (ulrich-merkel)

with the following fixes: X202: BUG 29571: SOAP: CURL does not return SOAP faults if they are in a HTTP 400 Message X202: BUG 29872: Performance issue for Uniface overflow tables using Oracle LOB datatype. X202: BUG 29928: 9.6.01 - Enhanced menu: UNIFACE system menu does not follow the menu settings X202: BUG 30075: Menu accelerators don't line up. X202: BUG 30077: HTML Widget: loadURL widget operation is changing focus X202: BUG 30078: UF96: Importing WSDL of Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Web Service is failing X202: BUG 30079: UF96: Tab page is using background color of Window element instead of tab X202: BUG 30080: UF96: InheritColors is working inconsistently X202: BUG 30117: Editbox with field syntax NDI (for password) inserts additional space. X202: BUG 30126: Default chracter set of C Call-Out signature is not set to System Character Set X202: BUG 30128: Balloon Tooltip with Caps Lock warning is shown when field is HID X202: BUG 30140: No inner-entity retrieve/e when outer-entity is in model but "not in database" X202: BUG 30141: UTIMER start operation intermittently fails with "ERROR: No timer thread" X202: BUG 30143: Uniface might crash loading ruler definitions into Unifield X202: BUG 30146: Enhanced printing to a pdf printer: Problem with diacritics in $formtitle. X202: BUG 30161: Incorrect dimming of small images X202: BUG 30162: Popup forms should be attached, not detached. X202: BUG 30173: MSS: Using the ODBC connection pooling should be optional X202: BUG 30185: In 9401 R122 and later, APEXIT does not cause immediate exit of the application. X202: BUG 30187: V9: $prompt executed outside the context of current form does not work correctly X202: BUG 30190: Icons used by askmess in a RTL environment are mirrored. X202: BUG 30198: Problems with Japanese Era in Uniface Nine X202: BUG 30203: xmlToStruct: empty struct leave of type 'Boolean' is causing crash X202: BUG 30216: Assignment setting $NEW_LINE has effect on copy text from Unifield to Clipboard X202: BUG 30217: UPOPMAIL component crashes when invoked via an userver X202: BUG 30218: The second time a dynamic menu using separators is shown incorrect. X202: BUG 30222: UXMLWRITER: XML for elements with empty text has changed. X202: BUG 30249: Activation of a Pop-up through FGF trigger, will attach it to a previous field X202: BUG 30250: Compiler may omit proc entries when operations are declared multiple times X202: BUG 30252: The OCX and HTML widget do not redirect function keys correctly. X202: BUG 30254: Pre-compile syntax check gives error for valid struct Proc statement X202: BUG 30259: HTML Widget: when repeatedly assigning HTML, JavaScript calls may fail X202: BUG 30260: Problems with Oracle SSP using NVARCHAR2 or NCHAR as IN parameter. X202: BUG 30261: [LOGICALS] section in a user asn-file does not overwrite entry in usys.asn X202: BUG 30279: Problems when some buttons use webtriggers and others use serverside proccode. X202: BUG 30284: Signature with byref structs compiled wrongly if it has not been generated yet X202: BUG 30287: Javascript API: setvalue in webtrigger does not convert automatically to string. X202: BUG 30289: Unhiding menu item that also is checked or disabled is not possible X202: BUG 30297: TABEX/FORMCONTAINER backcolor not correct after changing entity colors

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