patch R109 for 9.4.01 avail on frontline

Author: (ulrich-merkel)

Just an information that the patch R109 is vailable on frontline since last week.

There are some important fixes in the list, so if you are on the 9.4.01 TRIAL, it may be worth to patch even for the last days. SUccess, Uli

Patch R109 Includes R108 Platforms AS2 HPK LI9 LIA RSD SO9 VI1 W32
26019   Compiler error when using a global (handle) variable to activate an operation.
26799   DTD Wizard accepts field inserted twice, resulting in corrupt field name
28738   Import of .NET COM object does not create all methods in the signature
28779   Generating UOBJ.DOL on iSeries fails using Spanish language settings
28845   Debugger displays English proc code in RTL instead of LTR in Hebrew environment
28862   Define SOAP Properties form (uusopm64.frm) wrongly placed in uniface\components
28875   P_X11: Print job aborts in case image is too big to fit on current page size
28880   No value can be entered in editbox with valrep when X-position is larger than 78
28913   Mobile: $prompt not working under specific circumstances
28939   Userver reconnect fails if there is no logon info in the assignment.
28962   $ude does not throw error anymore since version 9.3.01 when used outside IDF
28964   $applproperties: Inconsistent behavior & documentation
28965   VMS:SETPRV Authorized privileges needed to connect to urouter
28967   "Update UOBJ" doesn't delete glyphs
28975   Number of entries shown in dropdownlist depends on font size
28978   DTD Wizard: Adding previously deleted field/entity will duplicate it
28979   DTD Wizard: DTD Rename form can only handle names up to 32 characters
28982   UF9: Printing report using P_MSWINX is crashing when called through C Call-In
28987   3GL function UHCLGET broken in R106 when component name has no profile char
28992   Side-effect of bug 28818 on Hebrew Windows: cursor movement behaves incorrectly
28994   Floating decimal point variable: Layout DIS(-z.zzz.zz9K99) wrongly displayed.
28998   Errors in generated C stub files as from R103
28999   Attached instance deleted too early if Quit/Accept operation of parent is called
29000   uputregs() truncates text under certain circumstances
29003   Show only colors that can be used in the property inspector for DSP widgets.
29008   VMS:unable to connect to a unicode based oracle server on openvms
29011   Transparent labels are not printed with transparency
29015   Incorrect field prompted when clear is executed in "aborted" <Accept>
29020   ODBC driver does not retrieve all rows from Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere
29025   putmess of a string longer than 1024 bytes is truncated in the log file
29030   Missing date parts not filled when there is a profile character
29034   Format Proc (Include Procs Editor) does not properly ident: case $syntax.
29039   Popup window appears in a server process when a DLL can't be loaded.
29041   Global action "cleanup" empties proc listings
29043   As from R108, newinstance can crash when a label text is not found.
29044   Problem when numeric uses space as thousands separator in DIS layout format
29045   Startup banner in messageframe can contain the text (powrprof err=0)
29046   On Solaris, Uniface sometimes says "prtdiag can only be run in the global zone"
29049   R108: crash in ULANA on second or next analyze model using Oracle
29060   MQL: It should be possible to map the default Boolean Packing Code B2 to CHAR
29062   Extend $processinfo with topics pid, user, host
29065   Strange chars stored in DB2 on iSeries when using NULLDEFAULT:N
29066   DB2 driver using connector option unicode gives incorrect table scripts
29067   Under VMS, older versions of files in a rotating sequence may be apppended to

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