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Author: ulrichmerkel@web.de (ulrich-merkel)

Hi Dino (in reply to uniface.communityzero.com/content/lists),

lets assume we have a $paintedentities precompile directive;
which is a comma separated list of entities,
it is easy to put your association code in the "one" entity:

#for ent = (<$paintedentities>)
#if <ent> = mymanyent
   ... put your association code in here ...
#undefine ent

For the moment in time, I create a
#define paintedentities= ent1,ent2,ent3
from the repository with the help of a little utility.

A question: Uniface recognises Relationships(one-many), not associations (may be both directions).
Do you need to differenciate between the different frame-in-frame possibilities?

In this case I recommend to provide your business logic as "include procs"
which can be handled very easy if you use library:proc logic.
I use to define these implementations in one place:
#define implements = ent_ent1:as_ent3,ent_ent3:as_ent1

And somehere in the default part of the code is:

#for inc = (<implements>)
#include <inc>
#undefine inc

Success, Uli

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