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The discussion (since a couple of days, it's impossible to do even a simple copy from wishes to text):

Hi Iain, but is this not a thing we can wrap in a little homebrewed global function (using returns, YES we can)? Instead of trying to get on the top 10 wishes next year?

Yes, we can (and I have) homebrew it. But it's slower than something coded into the raw code would be. And on a list of thousands of records speed is of the essence.

Please look at structs in Uniface 9.5.

instead of handling this as a list, what about treating it just as a simple string: a nice 3GL replace anything after GOLD; or Start-of-string up to the = sign? Think a regex replace can do that in a hurry.

The wish:

Short Description

replace id with representation in putlist


putlistitems/id/replace , behaves like putlistitems/id <variable> in that it fills the variable with the values of the ids already there, but instead of val/rep pairs, you only get the rep part.

putlisitems/id V1 sets V1 to "FIELD1=A+;FIELD2=B"
putlistitems/id/replace V1 sets V1 to

Use case (please read what is requested here!) 

Used in creating things like tree display columns. Allows the programmer to easily specify the column order from data or similar and have the list which is the display populated in one pass.
Currently, one has to use putlisitems/id and then go through the list pulling the $valuepart of each item and building another list. 


It makes populating tree widgets with runtime defined columns much simpler. 

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