is there any proc statement to get the values out of a TypedList

Author: (ulrich-merkel)

we can use activate with a /list switch and get a TypedList back. Is there any routine in the IDF available to get the values of that lists back so I can use them in proc code? Just like $untypelistnr(3,$2) returning "19980210" HELPFILE reads: /list—calls activate with two parameters containing a TypedList of parameters to be passed to the operation. An operation with three parameters can be called in the following way: $1="$date(19980203);$number(1);" activate/list "SERV2".ADD_WEEK($1,$2)After calling this activate, $2 has the value ";;$date(19980210)"

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  1. after some more seatch, I found the description of $typed in the helpfile passed some feedbak to CPWR for a direct reference of $typed in the activate helppage

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