from frontline: Uniface JTi 4.0 GA

Author: (ulrich-merkel)

maybe not all of us scan frontline on a regular base, here is something new.



We are pleased to announce the general availability of Uniface JTi 4.0

Release(s) : JTi 4.0
Last Reviewed : 22-Jul-2011

Uniface JTi 4.0 is now available as a download from Frontline

Uniface JTi 4.0 is supported for the deployment of Uniface 9.3 and Uniface 9.4 applications.

Details of Uniface JTi can be found in the Uniface JTi factsheet.

Customers using previous releases of Uniface JTi are advised to upgrade to version 4.0.

Uniface JTI 4.0 is now the actively supported version, and older versions no longer actively maintained.

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