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Author: (ulrich-merkel)

OWI and Uniface 9 from ebbeatty

We recently migrated a test area to uniface 9.2.03, after the migration some of our 3gl code that uses the owi api to alter widget sizes is failing to work, its using the OWIENTRY with the passed request to be OREQ_SETATTR, the call seems to go through fine on the 3gl side (return of 0) as in the previous releases, but the call seems to have no effect on the active screen. Did any of this functionally change with 9 release? Any ideas?


Update: The HWIDGET being returned during the call to oGetWidget is always returning the same hwid when linked against uniface 9, when linked against uniface 8 it returns different hwid's for each call.. uniface bug? 


Hi Erik,
have you recompiled/linked your DLL with the 3GL environment of V9?
Success, Uli


Hi Uli, yes we have, the new dll is using the lib & includes from the v9 install. I think the problem is that we are using a multiple occurrence field on the form and then making the 3gl call to resize the occurrence currently being painted, but for some reason under uniface 9 the call to get the widget id is always returning the 1st occurrance id. 


  1. Hi Eric (and Uli ?)

    I don't have any solution to give, but I'm interested in owi API, to being able to alter the widgets (one need is to disable the tabs line in the tab widget when there is only one tab, thus using the tab facility for form resizing without its native rendering). Did you get any support from Compuware to use this API, or did you start from scratch?

    Do you have some documentation or links about this, because I never found any documentation. As it's not a priority, and not a business need (to much effort for a few improvements), we won't call our local support to help on it, but I'm still interested, for personal knowledge (and it's fun).

    Kind regards,

    Author: richard.gill (
  2. Hi Richard,

    when I spoke last time with Ton Blankers,
    I brought foreward the idea of  a special workshop.

    Still following the dITo initiative, I believe some
    talented people like you and me may want to support
    uniface developers with additional tools and assets to speed up uniface-coding.

    For me it looked like OWI is treated as a corporate secret and they do not like to document it again.

    As an option I recommended an extra expensive dedicated workshop which enables participants (SWhouses,IDF-addons)
    to use OWI and web techniques for replacements ond/or enhancements of uniface widgets.

    This way, we (you and me) can make money and "theLab" does not have to waste resources on 50 wishes to modify the grid widget.


    The uniface coder benefits from the same ease-of-use as he has right now.
    And does not have to fight with some strange COM extra triggers.

    Success, Uli

    Author: ulrich-merkel (