from Frontline: Microsoft update KB2859537.conflicts JTi on 64-bit

Author: (ulrich-merkel)

Microsoft Windows update incompatible with Uniface JTi version 4.0.1 on 64 bit hosts On August 13, 2013, Microsoft released, among others, Windows Update KB2859537 Update KB2859537 is currently incompatible with Uniface JTi server version 4.0.1 on 64-bit Host. Important Bulletins =========================== MS13-063: Vulnerabilities in Windows Kernel Could Allow Elevation of Privilege (2859537) Affected Operating Systems: ============================ Windows XP Service 64-bit Windows Vista 64-bit Windows Server 2003 64-bit Windows Server 2008 64-bit Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit Affected Uniface JTi Versions: ============================ Uniface JTi Version 4.0.1 Workaround: ============================ A temporary workaround for this issue is as follows: A. Do not install B. If you have already installed Microsoft update KB2859537 remove the update from your Uniface JTi host. Until further notice, KB2859537 is unsupported. Compuware is working towards creation of compatibility updates.

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