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End of general support announcement implemented in Uniface

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We have implemented a mechanism in Uniface to notify the end users of Uniface applications if the version of Uniface is reaching, or has reached the end of general support.


The mechanism includes both dynamic and static notification and will be delivered in patches on Uniface 9.3, 9.4 and 9.5, and is implemented in Uniface 9.6 and all subsequent releases.

Uniface 9.5 – patch E108
Uniface 9.4 – patch R128
Uniface 9.3 – patch P230

Dynamic Notification:

Dynamic notification is to inform the end users of client server and character mode applications while NOT being intrusive.

The notification will be a pop-up message with some information, and will provide a url linking to a landing page where they can find more information.

The pop-up message will notify the end users of client server and character mode applications 4 weeks before the end of general support that their application is about to become unsupported.

The end user will then get a second and final pop-up notification when the end of general support date has been reached.

The end user will NOT receive any other notifications from the version of Uniface they are using.

The end user’s application will NOT be prevented from functioning once the check box confirming the info has been read and the continue button has been pressed.

The end user simply has to press continue and the Uniface application will continue to execute normally.

Static Notification:

Uniface has several mechanisms where application information is displayed. This is information that is not generally used by end users, but could be used for logging, debugging, etc.

We will provide details on the end of general support date continually.

The dynamic pop-up notification message, and the landing page haves been translated into multiple languages.


What is the term general support?
We have used the term general support because some customers will have their own special support agreements in place with us that are outside of our general support policy.

My end users won’t like this, is there a way to disable the notification?
There is no way to disable the functionality.

Only client server and character mode applications are mentioned, what about web?
For dynamic notification, we have not implemented a mechanism for the web because it will be easy for to disable the notification due to the architecture of web deployment.

Static notification will include the web.

What languages will be translated?
Both the dynamic notification and the landing page will be translated into Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Cantonese, Korean, Mandarin, Swedish, Suomi, Danish, Norwegian, Japanese and Hebrew.

For the dynamic notification, the application locale (language settings) will be checked, and the appropriate language displayed. It will default to English.


  1. A bit strange that endusers would be bothered by a message like this.

    Most of the times the organisation would know the end of support-date. A notification in IDF should be sufficient.

    In combination with another issue with Compuware I had, I am not really happy with the way Compuware tries to keep its clients.


    Author: jsdeboer (
  2. Let me be clear : end users should never get such a message.  No problem for developers but end users never.

    This message is not relevant for end users :

    • they can't do anything about it
    • they don't comprehend the message : may they still use the application ? isn't it safe anymore ?

    We have 900 end users : can compuware imagine what happens if they all start calling our helpdesk after receiving such a message ?

    We don't want any unnescessary panick among our end users : they need to worry about the patients in the hospital not about a irrelevant message from a software supplier they don't know.

    There is no benefit for anybody : not for compware (do they really think, that companies wil switch faster to a newer version after they got such a message ?), not for the uniface users, not for the end users.

    If a company still uses a unsupported version of Uniface the risk carried by that company, there is no risk for compuware.

    Compuware can contact such a customer and listen to their reasons for not switching to a more current version.  Finaly they can offer them the support they need.

    Compuware being a mother-in-law : that's not what uniface customers realy expect from compuware.


    Author: cammaer (
  3. This is Insane, are you sure that it is Real and not a joke ?

    Author: avner (
  4. Hi avner, check the source I referenced in my post.

    Because frontline is the official CPWR site I do not expect this a a hoax, joke, gimmik or something else

    Author: ulrich-merkel (
  5. We must do everything what users can do, that this will not happen!!
    The enduser should never ever get such a message - the resonsibility for it will be at the developerside!!!
    Arnd Ohlenbusch (VAR Partner)

    Author: Ohlenbusch (
  6. If there's a way to make things worse - CPWR will find it.

    D I S L I K E  ! ! !


    Author: Stefan.K (
  7. Wenn die Meldung bei einem unserer Kunden hochpoppt, dann ist uniface bei uns schneller abgeschossen, als die Meldung weggeklickt ist.

    or in English:

    if this happens, we will never need the uniface support again.



    Author: gypsilon (
  8. WTF is this:

    My end users won’t like this, is there a way to disable the notification?
    There is no way to disable the functionality.

    Compuware, are you sure what  you are doing?




    Author: istiller (
  9. Von mir aus kann die Meldung ja bleiben, wenn Microsoft in Powerpoint einbaut, dass eine Fehlermeldung erscheint, sobald CPWR auf ihren Folien etwas von "Kundenorientierung" schreibt...

    Obwohl: Vermutlich versteht CPWR unter Kundenorientierung einfach was anderes als wir. Wahrscheinlich müssen sich bei denen die Kunden orientieren... z.B. in Richtung .NET oder so.

    Or let's say it in English: If CPWR has the slightest interest in satisfied customers, it has to cut this crap out!



    Author: Stefan.K (
  10. It seems to be that Compuware makes the same mistakes as in history (e.g. OptimalJ). They forget their customers and they only looks for “How can I reduce the cost for my support”. Sometimes it is not possible for us to change our uniface within this support period. We have dependencies with other software, hardware and our project plan (if Compuware know what a project plan is).

    This message will only raise our costs, because we have to explain this message to our user. So we can’t use one of these latest patches. Such things are not very helpful in our "fight" against our internal java projects.



    Author: marc.hoffmann (
  11. This is absolutely insane.

    Author: JEfromCanada (
  12. This is not good. They should not use the enduser for this, but the person responsible for the maintenance of the application written in Uniface. The enduser has no idea his or her application is written in anything, it is just a system.

    Author: lammersma (
  13. Thanks a lot to Aad van Schetsen for listening to the customers needs expressed in his post

    Author: ulrich-merkel (