for those who used interrupt 0 and DiskDir

Author: (ulrich-merkel)

once, interrupt 0 was the (undocumented) way to get fileproperties see $UUU aka

The file descriptor list has lost some topics between uniface 8.4 and 9.


      filebox "*"
      if ($status = 1) ; file selected
         v_filename = $result
         interrupt "0", v_filename
         x_list = "%%v_filename%%% %%$result%%%%%^%%X_LIST%%%"


Uniface 8.4.01
C:\apar_v01-D2.xml Path=·;DiskDir=c:\·;Name=apar_v01-D2·;Type=xml·;Version=·;Datim=19112012709534400·;Attrib=UUU·;Recsize=0·;Filsize=71527
Uniface 9.4.01
C:\apar_v01-D2.xml Name=apar_v01-D2·;Type=xml·;Version=·;Attrib=UUU·;

We encountered this during a migration to Uniface 9 where suddenly our "FULLPATH" construct of diskdir,name and type didn't work any more.
And our fileloads  failed mysteriously.


It may be worth to check if you use DiskDir information when you plan to migratie.





I know that $fileproperties / $lfileproperties have a topic FULLPATH which can be used,
and I know how to separate this into dir/name/type

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