first at the uniface university campus

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Just created my account and looked arount the campus.

A bit confused about the courses offerend (one starting 25 Jul)

are these virtual classes and what are the system requiremens to attend?


P.S. The "Community Edition" is just the 9.4 Trial,
so students will enjoy the complete functionality of the product,
isn't it?


  1. I have some difficulties with the PDF utility.

    Reading documents is a real pain.

    Thanks for the option to download the pdf file, so I can use my favourite pdf reader software.

    Unfortunately, any download is named "publication.pdf"
    can someone change the settings to a more meaninful name, like "Uniface Runtime Architecture.pdf"?


    On the screencasts like Install Community Edition Video:

    Is there any way to see this video FULLSCREEN?

    Otherwise, it is a bit hard to read whats on the screen.

    May I suggest that in Camtasia, you enable the option to visualise mouseclicks?


    I like that the audio is available as subtitles as well, makes it easier to follow the speaker.


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  2. On the Install video:

    I would like if you can add an overview of directories and products installed during the video.

    And instead of installing LicenseManager at the very end (and stop reboot etc.)
    I would recommend to install it at the very first for a more fluent workflow.

    A couple of typos doesnt really matter, I think, but if you have time you ma want to correct it.



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  3. Hi Uli,

    In answer to your comment on what's available at the Uniface University site, perhaps I could explain a little more of what we are doing:

    There are two initiatives for Uniface training. The first is to provide support for the Uniface Community Edition, or, as you correctly identified it, the 9.4 Trial. This is available now but will be enhanced in the coming months.


    The second initiative is in respect of paid training and breaks down into 2 parts:


    1. What we offer now:

    Instructor led classes using technology provided by Cloudshare. This has the ability to provide complete installed and configured Uniface environments for each student in the cloud, where the only requirement is a supported browser, an internet connection, and a telephone or alternate VOIP.
    You can read about how this works and the capabilities of CloudShare in the new "virtual environment" section just added to the University.

    These classes, as with our classroom based training, can be private or public - that is, they can be run exclusively for your organisation or you may join others on a public course.  You can find the details of these offering in our Education Digest on this site and the University.

    Of course, we retain the ability to deliver classroom-based, instructor led training in person but this new technology allows us to deliver virtual classes anywhere on the planet, subject to the course schedule and the practicalities of time zones naturally.

    You can request enrollment via

    These are paid classes but as they can be delivered anywhere and have the potential to eliminate the cost of student travel, setup, and class location. This reduces the per student expense and make attendance that much more attractive not only from a cost perspective but also scheduling.

    2. What will be available in the future:

    Self-paced, computer based training. We recognise that not everyone can attend classes - whether delivered in person or through the browser. So we are designing and building a new set of interactive CBT courses for those who require a more flexible option. These will be added in the coming months.

    If you have any further questions regarding this matter, just mail

    I hope this is more easily understood.  We will make some changes to University to make the options more obvious.



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  4. With respect to your other questions Uli:

    1. Reading PDFs

    The reason for inclusion of the "flip books" was to retain as much as possible existing material from the original PDF and PowerPoint course material but present it as if it was being presented by an instructor. There are short focused videos within the pages at points where an instructor presentation or demo would have occurred.
    Having said that the flip books are more than simple 'eye candy' as they do provide additional features such as word search, personal bookmarks, and links to social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

    2. Flipbooks download name

    Is controlled by the flipbook software and cannot at present be changed. I have notified the vendor and they acknowledged that it is a good idea and have passed the recommendation on to their development group for future enhancement.

    3. Video viewing full screen

     We are experimenting with different video presentation software to determine what provides the best delivery. I have updated the one indicated so that it can be viewed full screen.

    4. Camtasia visualize mouse clicks

     Great idea we will implement in future releases. Unfortunately Camtasia doesn't allow retro-fixing to existing video.

    5. Captions

    Happy you like the subtitles on some of the video. We added it mainly to make it easier to create consistent alternate language voice over for the future.

    6. Typos

    Opps my bad, they will be corrected please send them to me when you come across one.

    7. Overview of directories and products installed

    It’s a good idea but it already exists inside of the installation document that is immediately below the video link. Or have I misunderstood what you need?

    8. Split up the Install Video

    The installation video is a little long we know but it was deliberate because we wanted to make it seamless, complete and delivered in one 'take' or recording session in a little over 24 minutes. We can of course provide separate install videos if enough people feel that this would be beneficial.

    9. Terms of Use




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  5. Hi Davey and George,

    you have already done a very good job to give this university a good start.

    Perhaps it just needs some more information for the crowd
    what is going on with this project (like the more detailed intentions from Davey).

    Think there will be a couple of people who will "spread the words" to the outsiders,
    the "uniface-developers-to-be".


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