UAR merging and incremental delivery

Author: (ulrich-merkel)

.. from the discussion started by roger wallin, I branched to focus on "inceremental delivery" and how it fits with the current UAR philosophy of CPWR.

Just a quote to get it started (creative suggestions always welcome):

"If for whatever reason you need an additional variable, message or so to do your job you have 2 options:

As you have found out:
you have to have access to the sources of all global variables, messages, global procs of a library
to add a single message or global variable (and resync always).

If this is the way you can do your work, fine.

If you need a way to add a single object on top of the other library objects (may be delivered from a 3rd party)
UAR merging is the way to support incremental delivery/patches.
Merging is done completely ouside of uniface and delivers a product uniface handles as you need it."


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