Sharing a Uniface 9.4 Trial download

Author: (ulrich-merkel)

It's a GREAT step making uniface more popular.

This trial sek at hand, it is possible to share it (and a copy of the installation files)
with other people so they get their first experiences plus a couple of examples tutorials on a USB stick.

Another step towards a "just plug and play and learn" service.

My question is about how you want to play the game:
Do you (CPWR) demand all these people
have to go through the email registration routine
and download uniface on their own?

SUccess, Uli

P.S. As I commented your article 101125 11:13 :

really a great opportunity to show "outsiders" what uniface can do.
Asked for a trial license by eMail last night,
got it today SEK runs up to Feb-14.
It is a BIG step in making uniface more popular.
SUccess (for all of us), Uli


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