It was twenty years ago today

Author: (ulrich-merkel)

"It was twenty years ago today, ..." well on April 1st 1993 I started with Uniface GmbH, the fresh founded german subsidiary of Uniface International. As Leader of the helpdesk, I built up the infrastructure, the processes and knowledge. Worked as a Qualified Consultant / Qualified Senior Consultant in most cases finding concepts to make uniface work as our customers expect. Since 2003 beeing thrown in the freelancer market trying to make my bread and butter with my experiences, focused on the uniface issues. 20 long years with the product uniface, exchanging help and ideas on the uniface listserver as well as on T.U.R.F. more than 1,100 posts on a lot of help for the community (free of charge) years working for and as the dITo initiative Looks like I will turn my attention more on T.U.R.F. again for the times to come.


  1. Welcome to the 20+ club Uli.

    Author: Theo Neeskens (
  2. Reminiscing... it would have been october 1990 that i began developing in uniface. at that time it was v5.? Still character based but we were soon to deploy on unix/rs6000 and AIX "windows". Almost 23 years later and not nearly as many posts as Uli (although i have gleaned much from his contributions) it looks like 9.4 is the end of the road for my uniface work. Two mergers (viz. acquisitions) has finally put the "nail in the coffin" sort of speak to our 17 year old MS Windows application. ...unless i can find a full-time, fully committed uniface shop... best regards, sam

    Author: Samuel Kester (
  3. March 1992 for me. Uniface 5.1, character mode on VMS (before Open VMS) and the DEC RDB database.

    Author: Adrian Gosbell (
  4. Hi Uli, Congratulations on this personal landmark! Compared to you I'm a rookie, with only 17 years 'on the (Uniface) job' Cheers, Arjen

    Author: Arjen van Vliet (
  5. October 1995 - I still remember that was the first time I came across a Uniface 5.1g on OpenVMS on a VT Terminal; After that I happen to be among the first ones to develop a full-fledged application using Uniface 6 on Windows 95 platform in Mauriitus..that was an achievement ... Guess what - the application is still running w/o any problem till today I also take pride having developed and deployed so many Uniface apps across the world in more than 10 countries in different languages (Theo was there too ). Soon planning some migrations to Uniface 9.6..and I hope I will be able to add another couple of yearsWink...

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  6. Proud to be part of 20+ club ................... I started using Uniface in 1993 !! and still working on it. Dinosaur or survivor ? No dear, still on the wave. Roberto

    Author: TheAleph (
  7. Also part of 20+ club (started in januray 1991). I did read a lot of your posts and tricks. And their are very often interresting. Thank for you great contribution to Uniface community.

    Author: daeneb (
  8. Hello everybody, I am also a member of the 20+ club. I started at the 12th of may in 1992 with unifAce 5.1.f. (Company icons Gmbh) Best wishes to all of you and us. Marc Hoffmann

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  9. Got to throw my hat in this ring too... May (I think) 1992 - Uniface UK - Marlow near Maidenhead.... 1st luggable pc - a massive 768kb - only accessible using DOS extenders.... and unix/VMS on character mode... GOLD F anyone?? Cool Knut

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