From the wishlist: Optiuonal parameters

Author: (ulrich-merkel)

On the wishlist, there is a request about optional parameters in with the usecase: Every change to interface needs new proc or component operation . As usual when you comment to the wishlist, the fortmatting is gone with the "post comment", so here is the "nice" copy of my comment for activate, there is already a /list switch with the following meaning (Helpfile 9601 x104): /list—passes two parameters in ArgumentList, each of which is a typed Uniface list. This is useful when the number of parameters of the operation is unknown. perhaps this logic can be applied to all other invocation of procedures via call as well as the arrow operator, may be even applicable for functions returning a value. And if the implementation cracefully handles an input list which is too short assuming the additional parameters are NULL, we can have the whole optional show. The alternative is to use uniface indexed lists as "containers" for in- and output. Is very flexible and can be applied with the currently available means of uniface. call use_container("name=mustermann;firstname=max",var_outcontainer) message/info $concat("Here is the ",$item("fullname",var_outcontainer))

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