please go back to old width

Author: (ulrich-merkel)

Due to the latest change in layout of this forum
the page does not fit in my browser any more.

I'm sick of having to use the horizontal scrollbar to get an overview.

Please return to the old "fits in my browser" geometry asap.



  1. For me the size is OK, but if many people have your problem it should go back.

    But at least it doesn't look like somebody died here anymore !


    Author: Theo Neeskens (
  2. Being worked on by the designer.



    Author: None (None)
  3. Perhaps it is worth to inform the designer that his page runs in a frame, not in the complete browser window.

    If the sidebar menu would not exist, his page would fit in the browser without reducing font size or zoom.

    This goes for other pages (like the wishes overview and detail) as well

    Success, Uli

    Author: ulrich-merkel (
  4. Hi Ton,

    when will we get the back in a useable format?

    Not all of us enjoy widescreen monitors.

    Success, Uli

    Author: ulrich-merkel (
  5. I too would like this to be not so wide.  Perhaps not a fixed width? This way those with wide screen can take up their screen, but us with smaller screen can also view the entire content without scrolling.



    Author: discooctopus (
  6. Is it BRIGHT orange on everyone else's screen?

    Author: Iain Sharp (
  7. Yup - gives me a headache !

    Author: AyeJayUU (
  8. At first the new screen width seemed to big form my laptop as wel (IE8, 1400 x 1050), but then I (or in fact Theo) discoverd that my font size was at 125% Zoom. Going back tot 100% did the job for me; no horizontal scroll bars anymore.

    Regards, Arjen

    Author: Arjen van Vliet (
  9. Hi

    I Dont like the redish coulor  on the left side .
    Any way the colors are not pleasent to my eyes.

    Please Change it Fast.


    Author: avner (
  10. It looks like the problem is the large logo in the header.

    I have fixed this in my browser by blocking images from

    I now get the page to flow as wide as my browser is.


    Author: discooctopus (
  11. Hi disco,

    after you have identified the cause of the problem,
    it should take "Amsterdam" only some minutes to amend it.

    For a couple of reasons,
    - I do not like the idea to block all images from
    - nor do I like the extravaganza to reduce the zoom (complete page is visible, but the text is too small to read)

    Success, Uli

    Author: ulrich-merkel (
  12. This width problem is getting more and more annoying.  Maybe if I bump this topic there will be a speedier resolution?


    Author: discooctopus (
  13. 20 days after, we still have to stand the "strech screen" desaster.

    As it was found out by member, all is caused by the new uniface-logo on top of the page.
    Just  convert it to a smaller size should make the page as useable as before.

    Perhaps we will get it for Christmas ???

    Success, Uli

    Author: ulrich-merkel (
  14. And slightly less ORANGE

    Author: Iain Sharp (
  15. Think a lot have expressed they feel the usability of this site
    reduced due to a too wide image on top of the page (anlyzed by a member).

    A quick job for most of us to reduce the size of an image, isn't it?

    ( After a complete month or to say it more dramatic:)
    a year has gone by and NOTHING has changed.

    Happy new year,



    Author: ulrich-merkel (
  16. Apologies, that this hasn't been fixed yet. I have asked the web designer to look into this asap.



    Author: None (None)
  17. Hi Ton,

    may be your web designer is not aware that "his" page runs in a frame which is only 80% wide.

    So from his "unit test" anything is fine and fits on a page, but opened inside the "application", ....

    Hope you had a good start of the year (digging in the pile of wishes).

    Success, Uli

    Author: ulrich-merkel (
  18. I have changed the logo width - does this solve the problem, please let me know!

    Author: None (None)
  19. Hi Ton,

    thanx a lot, for the standard page, it if fine now (only a small overspill).

    The wishes pages still exceeds the page withd, maybe wishnumber can be reduced.

    But "a good step in the right direction"

    Success, Uli

    Author: ulrich-merkel (