new helpfile 9601X104 in the patch, but download from frontline still returns 9601X103

Author: (ulrich-merkel)

so if you want to see the lates corrections in the help files, you have to download the patch and extract the ulibrary.chm from there.


  1. Updated versions of the Uniface Library for 9.6.01 X104 will be made available on Frontline shortly. The Uniface documentation on Frontline is not always kept strictly in sync with patches, although we do try to keep it current within a patch or two. It depends a bit on how many changes are made in the documentation each time. For Uniface 9.6, updated documentation is automatically included in patches, so it seemed less urgent to get it up quickly. Wink Regards --- Barbara

    Author: Barbara Douma (
  2. Now we are back in sync: From the frontline: 13-May-2013: Uniface 9.6.01: The Uniface Library has been updated for patch X104. See Documentation . For details on changes, see Uniface 9.6: Documentation Updates for Patches The important bit is that thanks to Barbara and the "feedback for the helpfile option", there are a couple of enhancements in the helpfile apart from the patch related ones. So it's always good to scan the latest helpfile as well as the one according to the patch installed.

    Author: ulrich-merkel (