improvements 131009 Part 2

Author: (ulrich-merkel)

the original topic is locked, so I have to open up part 2 for my reply about: Quote; "At the .info workshop we ran earlier on this year we captured issues and suggestions for the site and worked through some priorities. I don't recall the date issue or the wishlist as being a priority, but I'll check into it." I think anyone expects a date to show the year, because otherwise you run into problems like the one Iain reported back to you:: This is a posting from "Mar 5, 12:05 pm" of Firesong "Member Since: Oct 1, 8:55 am" I have just been mailed with someone with reference to the job opening I posted on Jan 12, which confused me a bit as I didn't remember posting anything recently, so I went looking for it, and I did indeed post a job opening on Jan 12. 2011 (I think) It says on the front screen that it was two years ago, but looking at the post itself, there is no year against the date. I think knowing the age of the information you are looking at would be useful surely.

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