Wishlist update

Author: tneeskens@itblockz.nl (Theo Neeskens)

Uniface Wish list

We haven’t neglected the wish list, it only seems that way! We do regularly look at often and some items on it have already been delivered and some others are already planned for future Uniface releases. But what we did neglect to do was to actually update the list on Uniface.info. I have started work on getting it up to date again. This comes on top of my regular work at the Uniface Lab, so bear with me when progress seems slow. Up to now I have closed 24 out of the 280 wishes. To me all of these were pretty clear so I hope the community agrees with me. If not please just post a comment on the wish. If you think a part of the wish has not been delivered, please enter a new wish for only that part. I think we can close some more, but for those I first have to check with the experts to see if we have delivered everything that the wish asked for. I have also tried to put all wishes in the most sensible category. This helps us when planning solutions. You can help us to more work more efficiently by placing new whishes in the “right” category.

Database drivers

Anything to do with database drivers.


For things that are specific to the runtime environment and do not require changes to the Uniface Development Environment.


For enhancements to the Grid. We could have put this under Windows GUI, but as there are quite a few wishes specifically for the Grid we decided to keep it separate.


For integration between Uniface and other tools or technologies.


A few wishes that do not fit into any category.

Proc code

For changes that could be made to our Proc Language WITHOUT updates to the user interface of the Uniface Development Environment.

Uniface 4GL

Still working on this category. I am trying to move all these wishes to ether Proc Code or Uniface Development Environment, but I still need to study them in more detail.

Uniface Development Environment

For wishes that require changes to the user interface of the Uniface Development Environment. Since we are working on Uniface 10, which is mainly about creating a whole new development environment, we won’t be doing much updates on the current development environment. But rest assured that Uniface 10 will address most of these wishes.

Uniface Web

For all thing related to developing and deploying Uniface Web applications.

Web services

For all thing related to producing and consuming web services.

Windows GUI

For everything that you need to make a nice GUI for your Uniface Windows application. (NB: Some good things in the pipeline for this category…)


We could distribute these wishes over the other categories, but decided to keep them together for planning purposes. It may take some time, but in the end I would like to have an up-to-date wish list. With all items closed that have been delivered to you. And also all items closed that we have rejected after careful internal review. And items in our backlog for all open wishes. And an internal process to handle new wishes and to close wishes when they have been delivered. And, and, and… Well at least the work has started and I will update you very once in while on the progress! With kind regards, Theo Neeskens

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