New User Interface and Search Engine for Online Uniface Documentation

Author: (Barbara Douma)

The HTML version of the Uniface documentation on has been modernized with a new interface and search engine.  When searching for terms, you can search for partial words, and use logical operators such as and and or to narrow or broaden your search. For example:

To find topics that contain terms beginning with "$instance", enter


and press Enter. This will retrieve topics such as $instancedbmod, $instancemod, $instancename, and so on.

To narrow a search, use the logical and:

print and proc

 . This will retrieve topics related to the use of Proc or ProcScript for printing. We hope you like the changes. If you have comments and suggestions about a specific topic, you can click the Feedback link at the bottom of each page in the documentation. Barbara Douma,  Information Developer, Uniface

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  1. Hi Barbara, The search function has improved quit a bit indeed. I also like the new interface. Now let's see how quick Google and Bing (anybody?) pick up on this new online library, as I'm getting 404's via Google at the moment. Cheers, Arjen

    Author: Arjen van Vliet (