Uniface Sources in Text files for Uniface 9.7 (UD6) and Uniface eXtensions Marketplace

Author: arthur.barrett@march-hare.com (Arthur Barrett)

Read the full details here: https://www.march-hare.com/maillist/releaseud6.asp?OPENID=Browser&DATE=MAY14   Updated release of UD6, Eclipse IDE for Uniface source code. Coming soon: UD6 3.1 beta and Uniface eXtensions Marketplace on http://theu.info We have just released a minor update to UD6 plus Option Pack, including source code for the Eclipse IDE for Uniface. The contribution period is temporarily closed and will re-open after the beta release of UD6 3.1. To be a part of the team developing the Eclipse IDE for Unfiace get in touch today! I have been visiting customers and Uniface Users in March and May of 2016, looking at what you are doing with UD6 and Uniface - and time and again we've seen things that we're sure other Uniface developers would also want to see and use. So now we have expanded the UD6 'user stories' web site to now also promote other Uniface eXtensions. We got very basic information up on LXScript and Uniface Monitor UMON and we hope to have videos and downloadable trials available in the next couple of months. Eclipse IDE for Uniface 6, 7, 8 and 9 (UD6IDE) We've been advertising for years that when your Uniface source repository is stored in UD6 text files then you can use any editor, and now with this open source project you can use the most popular and powerful editor ever designed, not just for Uniface developers, but developers of all languages. The UD6IDE is usable today and included in the UD6+Option Pack 'complete' install, but is recommended primarily for Uniface and Java developers contributing to the development of the IDE. With the forthcoming beta release of UD6 3.1 we will be providing ready to runreleases of the UD6IDE. It's always been important to us that this is a community development. So Udo Pott presented it at the Uniface User Group in Boulogne-Billancourt and was also at the Uniface User Group Event in Maidenhead UK. Udo presented earlier editions at Uniface User Groupin Darmstadt Germany as well as at the Switzerland Uniface User Group, and Arthur Barrett presented at the North American Uniface User Group in Las Vegas as well as at the Dutch Uniface User Group in Haarzuilens, The Netherlands. A video of the Dutch Presentation (in English) is available online, it includes the web services explorer, command completion, refactoring, multi-trigger editor, model editor, global search, and more. You can find our release plans for UD6IDE as well as what is already implemented, what is yet to be implemented, how to configure UD6 to work with UD6IDE and how to get the source code and contribute to the project by reading the library article. The article will have significant updates with the release of UD6 3.1 beta. Usergroups Presentations, On site consulting etc. If you require on site consulting to help with an upgrade or installation or design of a change management system; or you have a Uniface User Group you would like us to present at - please email the sales team via sales@march-hare.com ASAP so we can fit you in. Trials, Extensions and Evaluation Assistance If you have an expired trial of UD6, we can supply time extensions, and if you are having difficulties getting the ASN files and configuration right - don't despair, help is just an email away. Most customers evaluating UD6 (or long time customers implementing a new feature) do need help at some point, please do not hesitate to get in touch via sales@march-hare.com.   Sincerely, Arthur Barrett and the March Hare Team: Friday October 7th, 2016

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