Tiny Noticeable Things - they make the difference

Author: lammersma@hotmail.com (lammersma)

Hello all, Once I attended a conference where I heard a keynote speaker, Adrian Webster, speak about Tiny Noticeable Things. He called them TNT’s. From that day I am aware of these TNT’s in my live. Not (just) the big things, but these tiny parts determine how satisfied you are the end of the day. I wrote a small blog about it on the Open Uniface Community website: http://openuniface.com/blog/blog-2.6---tiny-noticeable-things/   I want to suggest to keep a list of the TNT's we would to see added to or in Uniface. To make it even better :).   Regards, Peter


  1. Hi Peter, Nice article! Is there a way to  reply/respond/react on your blog? Regards, Theo

    Author: Theo Neeskens (tneeskens@itblockz.nl)
  2. Hi Theo,   Unfortunately it is not possible to reply or respond to postings on the openuniface.com website (yet). It's a static website built with Hugo. Very easy, yet very basic, but with a lot of possibilities. It's realy easy. Just upload a txt file (a MD file for instance) to the project on gitlab and it will automatically render a new website. I am dreaming of the same ease with Uniface. If there is one tool in the world that is almost suitable for this, it is Uniface! I was thinking about mixing both, openuniface.com and uniface.info. The first to build and share products and .info to discuss.  So let's share thoughts on this forum. I will keep a list of all the TNT's. If there are things we can do, I will create the projects on the community website.  The community is not finished. It never will be. It's a starting point. Now it's just a couple of enthousiastic Uniface developers (I know their names by heart). I sincerely hope that more developers will join this initiative. It's open for anyone that loves Uniface.   Peter

    Author: lammersma (lammersma@hotmail.com)