Q: Create PDF out of a report with digital stationery

Author: manfred.laterner@11er.at (mlaterner)

 Hello everyone,  is it possible to create a PDF with digital stationery out of Uniface (9.7)?    At the moment we use a tool called PDF24 and with this one is it possible to create a PDF, but its some times to slow,  and the User has to click 7 times in the shell of PDF24. PDF24 is a logical printer in Windows that add the digital stationery.   Also we got a tiny exe with name txt2pdf,  this one converts the RAW document to a PDF, but with no option to add the digital stationary.    So my question: Is it possible or are there any functions inside Uniface, or with similar tools to create a PDF out of a Report and Attach a  digital staionery?    kind regards  Manfred

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  1. Hi Manfred, you can print to file in Postscript format using P_X11 device table then convert the file from Postscript to PDF using Ghostscript; this process is NOT requiring ANY user interaction! Gianni

    Author: gianni (gianni.sandigliano@unifacesolutions.com)