Power grid

Author: addice@yahoo.com (addice)

I think that uniface would get great benefits adopting a new power grid widget, with this feature:

  • Improve performances (current gridwidget need a lot of RAM and is very difficult manage more than 1000 rows)
  • Provide grouping/tree features
  • Support dynamic column resize/hide/show/move
  • Support ComboBox widget
  • Support multiple rows selection (+CTRL, + SHIFT)
  • Support single/multiple columns selection




  1. In addition to the mentioned wishes for the Grid widget I'd like also the possibility for drag-and-drop functionality of picture widgets. Don't know why Uniface does not allow for drag-and-drop as you (the programmer) need to programm yourself how the application reacts. Kind regards, John

    Author: bergsma (john.bergsma@upcmail.nl)
  2. Hi Andrea and John, in the last german usergroup meeting, there was a presentation of an OCX grid widget which provides a lot of additional functionality. Perhaps it's worth to look at that presentation.

    Author: ulrich-merkel (ulrichmerkel@web.de)
  3. Some of the things you ask for are already possible. Support dynamic column resize/hide/show/move: In Uniface 9.5 some stuff was added to the Grid: Function $columnsyntax allows you to apply syntax to a column (NED,NPR,HID,DIM,YDI,YED,YPR) So you can hide and show a column. The entity property ColumnWidth allows you to dynamically set the width of colums. And the Extened Triggers ColumnResized and ViewportResized allow you to execute code whenever the user resized a column or grid. ComboBox is supported in Grid. With kind regards, Theo Neeskens

    Author: Theo Neeskens (tneeskens@itblockz.nl)