New concurrent License for .COM feature

Author: (addice)

New License Model needed for applications client-side integrated. Picture this: WindowsXP - 2 Different Client/Server application 1)My Uniface app. 2)Another application. This is provided by a business partner with its Api and is developed in Vb or .Net. This two application are integrated client side (In my real case via .Com interface). That means: -MyUnifaceApps sets certified-validated data into "SecondApp" Using Third-Part provided API. - "SecondApp" sets certified-validated data into MyUnifaceApp using an API (dll) provided by me. All is working...GREAT ! But what about license ? MyUnifaceApp is provided with a concurrent license according to Compuware Concurrent System. 5 Persons are Using MyUnifaceApp, so I purchase a 5 Concurrent License from Compuware. 5 Persons are Using "SecondApp",in some cases not the same person that use MyUnifaceApp. As COM feature is considered a Server feature a have to purchase NodeLocked licenses, providing every computer name that use this. What I need is a real "concurrent license system" for .Com feature too.

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