Create SQL Tables and Integrity via the Uniface Command Line

Author: (Tim Colvin)

Currently, the Uniface IDF allows a user to create any number of tables (or integrity) by model by going to Utilities > Deployment > SQL Table (SQL Integrity). As part of our deployment strategy, we generate scripting by model from a Uniface Repository created from scratch (blank repository) then all objects imported into the blank repository. From here, I then manually create each table, by model, using the above mentioned tools. Since we're only creating about 500 tables, this process isnt horribly time consuming, but it is prone to human error. We would like the ability to be able to generate table and integrity scripting via the Uniface Command Line that would accept the following parameters: - DBMS (MSS for us) - Model - resulting script name - For Integrity, the ability to create Enforce, Check, Drop scripting, or potentially all 3 (and perhaps in combination). I suppose here we could have the ability to create them separately (we typically only create an enforce script, as we drop all triggers from the database and re-create them). As an added bonus, it would be handy to be able to extend the output of these scripting utilities, as we would like to add additional checks and information (such as a model prefix to the referential integrity triggers for cross-model relationships), although I currently have the ability to execute these changes now through a self constructed utility built in Uniface. Thanks, Tim Colvin Smyth Retail Systems, Inc.

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  1. Could be a nice enhancement for $ude.

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