Community CLAIMS- an introduction

Author: (-GHAN-)

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear Uniface community,

as we've been told on CU2008 Compuware wishes to know from US (the developers) WHAT is needed to improve Uniface. The rules are pretty simple:


  • We claim an improvement
  • anybody appends his/her ideas to this
  • if the wish is clear to see for Compuware, it might be able to get coded and included in an update!



  • claims with no commentary WHY this should be done and FOR WHAT PURPOSE
  • totally nuts things like "my UDE should look like APPLE-STYLE mixed with six-squared bevels and dynamic shadow-map" ( ... allthough?! *s*)

 The claimes should be placed in the forum (Uniface wishes) in order to transparent and well placed.

... ok, so far from the theory! I will take the chance to kick-off this shout out from Compuware with my claims.


Cheers and happy claiming


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