Uniface Migration from 9.3

Author: tatiana@ca.ibm.com (tandron)

Where can I find a summary on features (What's new...) for Uniface versions 9.6 and up and info on what's involved with migration? what version is recommended for an upgrade from Uniface 9.3? And where is that compatibility matrix between Uniface versions and other software?   Thanks!

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  1. Hello, The Uniface library should have all that you ask for.  It can be downloaded from this site under Documentation.  I recommend the 9.7 CHM version.  9.7 is the version that I suggest that you migrate to (may as well go 9.7.03 + latest patch) unless there is something in your application / environment that requires you to hold back.  CHM is recommended because that is the format that is installed when you install Uniface.  The Library has sections on new or changed features for every release, as well as documentation bug fixes.  Just start looking under "Getting Started".  Migration topics are covered elsewhere in the Library. As mentioned, to verify that 9.7.03 is for you, you are right to check for compatibility with your current 9.3 environment.  Download the Platform Availability Matrix to answer those questions.  This is also available from this site under Downloads -> Downloads. Eddy.

    Author: Eddy Knochs (eknochs@ozemail.com.au)