Uniface 9.7.04 Patch G403 available for HPK, HPM, LIB, LU6, RSD, SO9, W32 and W64

Author: daniel.iseli@uniface.com (diseli)

Uniface 9.7.04 patch G403 has been released and is available for HPK, HPM, LIB, LU6, RSD, SO9, W32 and W64 on Uniface Downloads: https://download.uniface.com/downloads/Uniface/patches/9704/ The information about the included bug fixes can be found shortly on the page with the Patch Listing for release 9.7.04. As of Service Pack MG03 (release 9.7.04) the bug fix information will no longer be available in the ReadMe's, but only online. Please note that you must have a user account to access the Service Pack on the Uniface Downloads site. To receive an account, you will have to register first. User accounts are currently NOT linked to other Uniface sites such as Uniface.info.

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  1. Updates for G403
    Issue Number Description
    31270 Uniface sends content as UTF8. If the content assigned to the HTML widget contains the charset meta tag, it should also be set to UTF8 to ensure that browser displays the data correctly.
    Doc Maintenance Improved the $editmode documentation.
    Doc Maintenance Added compiler message (Warning: 1000 - Proc fragment seen outside a module declaration.).

    Author: diseli (daniel.iseli@uniface.com)