Uniface 9.7.03 Patch G305 available for VI1, A82, HPK, HPM, LIB, LU6, RSD, SO9, W32 and W64

Author: daniel.iseli@uniface.com (diseli)

Updates for G305
Issue Number Description
- Added examples on restoring widget property values that have been changed, to compiled values using $fieldproperties.
- Added examples on compiling entities using $ude("compile")
- When using $ude("copy") to export entities, entity descriptors (created by analyzing the model) must be available.
- Corrected syntax of a read order_by example.
- Updated the location of the Uniface setup.exe file, which uniface_setup\win for both 32 and 64-bit systems.

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  1. Uniface 9.7.03 patch G305 has been released and is available for VI1, A82, HPK, HPM, LIB, LU6, RSD, SO9, W32 and W64 on Uniface Downloads: https://download.uniface.com/downloads/Uniface/patches/9703/ The information about the included bug fixes can be found shortly on the page with the Patch Listing for release 9.7.03 - or in the ReadMe of the Patch (e.g. https://download.uniface.com/downloads/Uniface/patches/9703/w32/w32g305.txt). Please note that you must have a user account to access the Service Pack on the Uniface Downloads site. To receive an account, you will have to register first. User accounts are currently NOT linked to other Uniface sites such as Uniface.info.

    Author: diseli (daniel.iseli@uniface.com)