Uniface 9.6.05 update at end of development

Author: adrian.gosbell@synapse-i.jp (Adrian Gosbell)

We are into the final sprints for the Uniface 9.6.05 update. The complete release or the MX04 maintenance pack will be available late June. The main features of this release include: SQLite Support. SQLite is now the default installation database, and is included in the Uniface distribution rather than Solid. More details are available here. A new MySQL U4.0 driver, providing BLOB support.  Top level rebranding of Uniface, and the removal of references to Compuware. This is a project that we are conducting and delivering in phases, so it should be noted that some ‘under the hood’ technologies, files and so forth are still Compuware branded. We intend to have Uniface completely rebranded, including the DLM license management software, by the release of Uniface 9.6.06.  Sybase 15 (u5.1 driver) support on Redhat 6.5 and Windows Server (32/64 bit).  Redhat 6.5 support. This release also contains SSL version 10.01g, which has no Heartbleed vulnerabilities. More details are available here.  Note that Uniface 9.6.05 (or the MX04 maintenance) and any future Uniface maintenance will NOT run on Windows XP. More details are available here. Further details about 9.6.05 will be included in the release notes and the documentation. 

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