Uniface 9.6 Service Pack MX03 available for A82, HPK, HPM, LIB, LU6, RSD, SO9, VI1, W32 and W64

Author: daniel.iseli@uniface.com (diseli)

Uniface 9.6 Service Pack MX03 has been released onto the FTP-Server (ftp://ftp.compuware.com/pub/uniface/servicepacks/9603/) for A82, HPK, HPM, LIB, LU6, RSD, SO9, VI1, W32 and W64. The list of included bug fixes will be made available at Frontline shortly: http://frontline.compuware.com/products/uf/fixes/patchlist/patches9603.aspx The information about the included bug fixes can also be found in the ReadMe of the Service Pack (ftp://ftp.compuware.com/pub/uniface/servicepacks/9603/w32/w32mx03.txt).


  1. What's New in Uniface 9.6.04 (MX03) =================================== Uniface 9.6.04 provides enhancements in the areas of Structs, Windows GUI, web, and currency. It also fixes a number of software and documentation issues that have not been included in previous patches. Struct Enhancements ------------------- + The Struct functionality has been extended to support conversion to and from JSON streams. Two new Proc statements have been added—structToJson and jsonToStruct + The filedump and lfiledump have been enhanced with a /nobom qualifier so that Unicode files can be written without a Unicode byte order mark (BOM) Windows GUI Enhancements ------------------- + The Edit Box widget now supports incremental searching by means of an onEdit extended trigger that can be used to respond to user input as the user enters data. Note: There is no placeholder definition placed in the Extended Triggers trigger. You must manually define and implement this trigger. The trigger is enabled only if the OnEdit widget property is set to True. The EditDelay property can be used to apply a delay of 200 milliseconds after the user stops entering data. This reduces the frequency of firing the onEdit trigger to improve performance when retrieving data. + The TabEx widget now supports a customizable tab button that executes an extended trigger, onTabButton, when clicked. You can use this to implement a Close button (for example) on each tab. The following properties are added: - TabButton—determines whether a tab button is added to the tabs - TabButtonImg—specifies an image for the tab button - TabButtonImgHover—specifies an image when the mouse cursor hovers over the tab button + The behavior of the Auto Close property has been changed to enable a cascading chain of popup forms, in which one popup form can activate another. This can be used to create a type of context menu. In this case, when Auto Close is set to True, the parent does not close when the child popup form gets focus. However when a popup form that is higher in the chain gets focus, all popup windows below the form with focus are closed. + The BackColorSelect, ForeColorSelect, and BackcolorFill properties are now supported by the Drop-Down List, List Box, and Color List widgets. Web Enhancements ---------------- + The JavaScript API has been enhanced to simplify code when addressing the main component instance. The uniface object now supports the functions getEntity, getEntities, and activate. Database and Currency Enhancements ---------------------------------- + The sql Proc statement has been enhanced with an extra switch, /data, which returns data in $result as a nested Uniface list. This makes it easier to post-process the data using standard Uniface list processing functions. An optional /fieldname subswitch, enables you to include a header of field names in the returned data. These switches are available only for solidDB, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and DB2. + Uniface reintroduces support for mobile application development. + The MSS U5.0 connector for Microsoft SQL Server is now available on Linux. It provides the same server-side functionality as on Windows. However, it cannot support SQL Native Client features, such as snapshot Isolation and multiple active result sets (MARS), because the Microsoft ODBC driver on Linux does not support SQL Server Native Client. + The U4.0 DB2 connector is now available for Windows and Unix. This connector supports the offset option on the read statement, but to make used of it on Windows and Unix, you need to configure the DB2 server to support the LIMIT and OFFSET SQL keywords.

    Author: diseli (daniel.iseli@uniface.com)
  2. Thanks Daniel for all the information. This sounds promising. Just as a (possitive) feedback I really appriciate these changes: + OnEdit trigger in the editbox (with delay option) + ability to add "close button" to tab widget (tabex) + colors for DropDownList and ListBox + the /data swith for sql proc statement Disclaimer: This is based upon the above information only. I have only just downloaded the servicepack. I will give it a try ASAP.

    Author: sochaz (zdenek.socha@fullsys.cz)
  3. HI Zdeněk, no need to hurry, the frontline does not provide access to MX03 for the moment in time, last time, it took another day.

    Author: ulrich-merkel (ulrichmerkel@web.de)
  4. ulrich-merkel said HI Zdeněk, no need to hurry, the frontline does not provide access to MX03 for the moment in time, last time, it took another day.

    Well, I don't need frontline to download and test new patches and/or servicepacks. I have already downloaded the servicepack, now I only need to apply it and "migrate" an application to test it.

    Author: sochaz (zdenek.socha@fullsys.cz)
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    Author: ulrich-merkel (ulrichmerkel@web.de)
  6. tructToJson and jsonToStruc - Probably the most exciting new feature this year for Uniface; So pleased this is there!

    Author: Phil Beal (phillip.beal@gmail.com)