Uniface 10.2.02 Patch F204 available for LIB, LU6, RSD, SO9, W32 and W64

Author: daniel.iseli@uniface.com (diseli)

Updates for F204
Issue NumberDescription
New functionalityThe $webinfo function has been extended with three new channels (Salt, SaltIn and SaltOut) to extend web security of static server pages.
New functionalityThe migration utility adds undeclare instructions when necessary to ensure compatibility between Uniface 9 and 10. If you migrate using multiple import files (not recommended), this can result in many more undeclare instructions because the original declaration may be in a different file. This will result in compilation warnings after migration.
New functionalityUniface mobile apps for Android now support extra large icon sizes (XXHDPI and XXXHDPI), which can be used for high-definition launcher icons.
31200When using the UHTTP.SEND operation, headers are now sent with all HTTP request methods, not just POST and PUT. As a result, there is no need to specify this behavior with the SET_FLAGS operation.
31666The behavior of webgget has been made more strict, preventing occurrences created on the client from being added without explicit permission. This new behavior can be enabled by setting the assignment setting $USP_CHECK_NEW_OCC before compiling the USP component.
31684Default trigger behavior will be applied when the compiler encounters non-executable contents for the trigger. The migration utility has been changed and simplified and the migration logical MIGRATION_KEEP_COMMENT_IN_EMPTY_TRIGGERS is no longer applicable.
Doc MaintenanceClarified the procedure for creating and deploying a Uniface Server application shell for Uniface authentication.

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  1. Uniface 10.2.02 patch F204 has been released and is available for LIB, LU6, RSD, SO9, W32 and W64 on Uniface Downloads: https://download.uniface.com/downloads/Uniface/patches/10202/ The information about the included bug fixes can be found shortly on the page with the Patch Listing for release 10.2.02. As of Uniface 10.2.01 the bug fix information will no longer be available in the ReadMe's, but only online. Please note that you must have a user account to access the Service Pack on the Uniface Downloads site. To receive an account, you will have to register first. User accounts are currently NOT linked to other Uniface sites such as Uniface.info.

    Author: diseli (daniel.iseli@uniface.com)